Mad Lady’s life…

Psychologists often say that your childhood determines who you will become as an adult. Well, in my case, I guess it’s true. Growing up, I quickly realized that I was different from the other kids. When they were talking about the movies they watched, I was talking about commercials.

Growing up in the Parisian “one mindset for all” world, being a creative girl with “her own vision” was not considered as an asset but more as awkwardness. At 19, I got a full scholarship to study 4 years in the U.S. and suddenly my awkwardness became awesomeness. I studied marketing, and I learned how to transform an idea into a finish product and also how to interact in a multicultural environment.

In 2010, I got accepted in the one-year Master’s degree in creative publicity at Coco School (ESECAV) in Alicante, Spain. Some of my professors included Nacho Guillo, creative supervisor of Shackleton and Juan Fran Vaquero, former redactor of Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO and Grey Madrid.
I considerably improved my skills in digital photography (outdoor and in a studio), graphic design, visual arts and branding. During that year I won the annual prize for Best Street Marketing.

I am now working as freelance in Paris, so don’t hesitate to check out my gallery and contact me to work on your projects. I am open-minded, fluent in French, English and Spanish, willing to work alone or in a team, and most importantly: I am dying to share my vision to the world!